11:48 PM


Hello all, It has been a while for a good reason. I started school about a month ago and I'm busy with 18 hours and a job. I'm enjoying this semester, but I wish it was already over and I had passed all my classes with A's. Unfortunately I have to do the work and learn the material the slow way. Boo. On the up side I have an awesome room and roommate. We have the biggest two person room in Pattie Cob.

This is my space. It looks pretty much the same now, except it is not as neat. It's so nice to have a big area and not just a bedroom. Unfortunately, Paige and I have been so busy that we have not had time to utilize our extra space, but a time will come!
I got a job working for Parking Services on campus and essentially my job is to ticket cars. I think sometimes I might enjoy it too much. I'm also taking Edfd 311, French, British Literature, Comp 2, Political Science, and Wisdom Literature.
I go to classes, go to work, do homework, sleep and repeat. Life goes on. I have not been able to sleep as much as I would like to. It might be pathetic, but I like to get 10 hours, and most of the time I do. I've been so sleepy lately and Paige has been sick, so I might be coming down with something. Hopefully not the Swine flu which has been on campus for awhile. Dang swine!


9:40 PM


So the summer is winding down and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that I've had to relax. One thing I will never miss is slugs. This summer has been incredibly cool and wet which unfortunately is the perfect climate for slugs. Whenever it rains, the slugs come out and take over our deck. I usually bring on the salt. Since they emerged in such massive quantities I was not able to get through the summer without stepping on one. I had stepped on a slug before, but this time I really stepped on it. The only way I managed to get the slime off my foot was to scrape it off.
Here is a picture of utter disgust.

The night that I took this picture I counted 17 slugs just in this little area. I don't know why they hang around the back door, but I have reason to suspect it has to do with cat food.
To conclude here are some facts about slugs:

1. They are hermaphrodites.
2. Slugs range from 1 to 10 inches
3.Slugs are made up of mostly water which is why they shrivel and become dehydrated when you salt them. Needless to say, a slug will not make it out alive if you salt it.
4.As much as I hate to admit it slugs play a important role in our ecosystem by breaking down materials faster and releasing nutrients.

8:49 PM


I am so ready for school! I love buying new things and preparing mentally in my head how things are going to progress throughout the year. I love fresh classes, with new people and different teachers. I love learning, especially about English! I love having a definite schedule and subconsciously always knowing where I'm supposed to be. All of this excitement is due to a bag. Not just any bag.... it's NEW!
Here's a picture.

It's just so fancy and sophisticated! Don't you think? Alright well I'm going to go stare at it some more. Later!

11:55 PM


You will never find time for anything. If you want the time, you must make it. - Charles Buxton

It's funny how fast time goes by when your trying to find things to occupy your time. I've been home for the the summer and it seems like only last week that I arrived to spend three months here. Since I wasn't able to find a job, I was afraid that time was going to stand still, but I've found many things to occupy it and have enjoyed relaxing. It's hard to describe what I've been doing when someone puts me on the spot and asks. I feel like I would be more justified to give them a list of things I enjoy doing. Since I'm sure your wondering I've been learning to cook and fine tuning my baking skills. I've also been reading, but have yet to make a dent in my collection because I must admit I love collecting. I've also been writing, which has included journaling, some poetry and a few short stories that have a lot more work to be done on them. Well that's what's on my mind.